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Welcome to S.O.S, exclusive home of Samuel Pérez's library of short stories. The stories I have posted here I have written mostly for practice, and some are just teasers to story ideas I have for the future. The poem I will be posting for the next few weeks is not merely for practice; I was aiming it at some e-zine or whatever but there really isn't a big market for it, so I'll post it here as I write it. Anyway, here's a list of what you will find on this site:


NEW!Night fades away... (poem, in progress, only part I available for now) - the story of a woman who, in search for happiness, accepts the offer of eternity by a vampire, without being fully aware of the consequences...

Delenda est Atlantis (teaser) - To read the teaser click on the link displayed on the list below.

Catharsis (FIRST DRAFT, a second version has already been written in spanish) - During the times of Aristotle, a greek philosopher named Euriclides thinks he has finally uncovered the truth about our existence...with the help of visions from a strange god. Has he truly come face-to-face with the truth, or is he being delusional like his doctor friend claims?

King's Ransom (teaser) - for info on this story, check out the prologue.

The Watcher Returns Home (full story) - a technologically superior alien race has been monitoring humans since their inception on Earth. Now, a controversial order is sent to the group assigned to watch Earth, one that will have great repercussions to Humanity...(This one's still on developing stage, although it is completed, it can be expanded into much more. Read for yourselves.)

Strangers in the Night (so far, part I only)- it's a rainy night in rural England, 1799, and what begins as an unexpected visit on a manor ends in a powerful manifestation of the supernatural...

Feel free to give me some feedback on both the goods and the bads of the stories by contacting me by way of the e-mail address given below. Also remember that all characters (fictional, of course) and story details are of my property, so if you wish to use them for anything first you must contact me to obtain my permission. Thanks for your attention, and enjoy the stories!

Samtertainment™ and all stories are Copyright © 1999-2005 Samuel Pérez García



Night fades away...
Delenda est Atlantis
King's Ransom
The Watcher Returns Home
Strangers in the Night



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