King's Ransom


"The ransom"


Towards the end of the 12th century, King Richard Lion-Heart, ruler of England, engaged in a holy war - alongside King Philip I of France - that would mean the beginning of the Third Crusades. Taking personal command of his army, the king headed for the city of Acre; however, in the end, the attacks on the muslims failed. The best Richard could do was sign a treaty with Saladin, leader of the muslims, permitting christians free access to the holy places of Jerusalem. During his return to England, Richard was captured and imprisoned by the duke Leopold of Austria, who then sold him to the Roman Emperor and German King Henry VI. The english were forced to pay a huge ransom for their king's return. But History - for fear of ridicule - never disclosed all the terms of the ransom demands. For one was highly unusual and seemingly absurd.

Henry VI was asking to be delivered a dragon.

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