Montegard's Hope



"Montegard's Siege"


In a time when war and chaos roamed unbridled across the land, there were two kingdoms in conflict. One, Incarta, was in the hands of the Great Lord Jared, famous for his courage in battle and his military genius. The other, Urmania, was ruled by the Great Lord Elodeus, renowned and feared for his cruelty and his intolerance to failure. Elodeus' oppression was constantly felt among the cities that were under his control; even so, he had extremely loyal vassals, willing to die for the Great Lord. However, not all of them were so loyal.

Tired of the constant suffering of his people due to Elodus' erratic behavior, Renard, Duke of Sanz, got up against his lord and declared an allegiance with Jared. Elodeus, in retaliation for such treachery, destroyed most of the city. It was then that Jared, in defense of his new ally, freed the city and, taking the offense, placed under siege the three most treasured cities of the Urmanian Kingdom: Galaah, Teloss, and Montegard. These were the top merchant cities in all the land. Without the contribution of these three cities - known as the Tripoli - the Urmanian Kingdom would fall prey to absolute poverty, and an easy target for other kingdoms with plans of conquest.

Now, Elodeus and his kingdom depended on their three best knights - Darius, of Galaah, Lenier, of Teloss, and Armand, of Montegard - to keep Urmania from falling into enemy's hands. That is, if destiny sees fit the actions of these three cities and their respective knights, something that was about to be tested...

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