Night fades away...



Life wasn’t fond of Elena, it seems,
But neither was she fond of life;
It was a struggle just to get by
The dullness of an endless routine.

A marriage sunk in despair;
A husband sunk in a bottle;
A man she would like to see throttled,
Choked in his shameless affair.

She was always alone in her home,
With no children to lighten her day;
For her it’s an endless array
Of may have been’s and bygones.

Her beauty was that of a flower
That withers away without hope;
She would hang herself with a rope,
So hopeless was she at that hour.

But one day he came to her life,
A dashing and marvelous rogue;
Seductive, attractive… and lo!
He would only come out at night.

His skin was as pale as a whisper,
His eyes were as deep as a well,
His touch was as cold as the winter,
And his look was as hard as a shell.

His kiss made her swirl like a twister,
His passion would light a whole city;
His absence would hurt like a splinter
That pierces through her self pity.

Like an angel of darkness he landed,
Seeking some peace and redemption;
For her sorrow it was that commanded
This vampire to be her salvation.

Copyright © 2004 Samuel Pérez García. All Rights Reserved.



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